torstai 1. tammikuuta 2015

Day #3

I spent the last day in another hide some hundred kilometers north from the first one. I had more than one hour drive from Lämsänkylä to Oulanka National Park, where the other hide is situated. It was snowing the whole night so there was one foot or a 30 centimeter new blanket of snow on the ground. I left the cottage at about 6am to be sure that I would be In Oulanka early enough. Roads were in a very bad condition and only one car had driven in the snow before me. It was snowing all the time during my trip so instead of bright lights I had to use the headlights. In such a severe snowfall the lights reflected back from the snowflakes and the visibility was close to zero so I had to drive really slowly. When I reached the main road it was already ploughed clean but it was still snowing and blowing so the snow whirled wildly and I still had to keep the speed down. The last ten kilometers were on a remote back road, where I was the first one driving. The road got more narrow all the time and towards the end it was as narrow as my car. I ended up driving very carefully in snow so deep that it flew over the bumper and engine hood to even worsen the visibility. In the uphill sharp turns  it was most difficult to keep the car on the road, because I had to keep up some good speed, but with my four wheel drive suv I made it all the way up to the hill.  I had only a few hundred meters to wade in the deep snow to the hide with my equipments. As so many times earlier the job was sweaty but worth it. Once again the day was dark and cloudy and I shot with long shutter speeds to get movement unsharp pictures. I adjusted the pictures in Lightroom in a different way in order to reach a graphical appearance. Here below you can see traditional as well as little bit different kind of photographs.

The hide is on the edge of the Oulanka canyon in the middle of the Taiga forrest.

Lots of movement and blurriness in graphical way.


To the end a more traditional view.

Happy New Year!!


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