keskiviikko 17. joulukuuta 2014

Day #2

After a very good sleep I woke up again early, when it was still pitch-dark. I did my morning procedures with a peaceful mind and lazier than normally, because I had plenty of time before sun would rise. First I checked the weather forecast which was just like it had already been a few days, cloudy and light snowfall. In spite of the weather the previous day was fine and birds were so active that I excitedly waited the my upcoming photographing session. At these Finlands north eastern backwoods it is also always possible to see a fox or even a wolverine. In a good mood I packed my gears and took heading to the hide hoping that the protection of the darkness would encourage animals to come to the carcass. I wasn´t lucky with the wolverine this time although I recognised some paw prints only a hundred meters away from the hide. But after I had waited a couple of hours and listened to the nature I saw the Golden Eagle gliding behind the trees over the meadow and then it went around behind the hide. What an impressive vision to see this king of the wilderness so close! And that was only the beginning. What a great day again with a lot of action with Eagles and other birds too. I drived back to the cottage with a smile on my face, although the weather again was dark and cloudy, it had been a memorable day!

Magpies were annoying the eagles!

And so were the ravens!

But they also had their own activities.


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