tiistai 3. kesäkuuta 2014

Morning with a Common Sandpiper

I did a day hike with Kati and dogs at Meiko recreation area in Kirkkonummi. We walked zigzag all over the area and came to a beautiful small lake which looks like a wilderness lake. Shores were growing woods all the way to the waterline and here and there were big rocks, partly in the water. We sat down for a coffee break and took a little rest. As soon as I had my mug in my hand I heard familiar sandpiper beeping. That was a pleasant break watching hustling and bustling of the busy bird. Quite soon we recognised that the favourite place was one of the big rocks on the shoreline.  While sitting and watching there I decided to come back one day with my tent hide and camera.
The one day was quite soon after the first visit on a sunny morning. I woke up same time with the sun and packed all my gears - hide, camera and of course thermos with coffee - into the car and drove to Meiko. During these early hours the parking area was empty. I took my stuff and walked to the lake and mounted my hide to a reasonable distance from the favourite rock. The morning was absolutely amazing with sunshine, lot of birds singing and some kind of active touch. I was watching and listening and didn´t sit for very long when a Swan was tooting and it landed on the lake.  At the same time Black-throated divers ku-kuiiik, ku-kuiiik echoed at the lake. That sound always generates wild nature atmosphere. And immediately after this the Common sandpiper landed on the rock. 

Funny energetic wader, which took a break for its morning stretching on the rock. To watch nature is miraculous. I don´t mean only this kind of special moments. To watch plants, insects, animals and landscapes is really therapeutic and it makes you feel like part of it and that you belong to the Nature.

Suddenly a loud noise of big wings interrupted Sandpipers morning manners. The Swan made take-off run on the calm water surface. It is always a majestic and impressive sight.

When the Swan departed and I waited for the Sandpiper to return the time ran and Black-throated divers swam closer into sight. If some birds are streamlined, it´s divers.

When enjoying great Natures spectacular moments I feel privileged! This time the birds made it special but sometimes it is just the silence. The silence that can be so deep that you can hear the fish swim. I believe that we have the skill and will to live so that experiences like these are possible also in the future.


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