torstai 29. toukokuuta 2014


It had been a very beautiful day with warm sunshine and no wind. The sky was clear and temperature over twenty degrees centigrade. The sun was still shining but it was already on its way down. We were sitting on the porch thinking if we were gonna make a short walk with the dogs. The evening was so late that the courtyard was in shadow but half of the trees still enjoyed the warmth of the last sunbeams. We decided to walk to a small lake near us called Lake of Winterroute . The road there is really narrow and growing long grass. It goes snaking along high rock where we climbed to watch the sunset.  The cliff is surrounded by woods but the highest part of it is bold. Dogs were running wild in the woods because there were really interesting odors in the air. I love to watch the dogs when you can see how happy their are, no worries, just good times in the pack. I had taken my camera with me, of course, just in case. You never know what´s gonna show up! It can always happen that you meet a bear or a wolf! Although more likely is maybe a fox or a deer, but anyway. And this time we didn’t run into anything so amazing.
While we were sitting there and admiring the awesome evening, dogs were minding their own businesses and Kati said: Look how beautiful flowers! There were really beautiful Campions in yellow evening sunlight. They were glowing! I photographed them in a strong backlight.

When I checked the pictures from camera display I wasn´t satisfied. I changed the shooting angle a little bit to have weaker backlight. Neither this gave the feeling to the picture that I was thinking about.

Some more pictures and sun had already gone behind the horizon.  The moment was somehow special, everything went by pretty fast, in five minutes.

Finally when I made some basic adjustments and looked at the pictures in large computer screen they were better than I expected. I also made a study about the power of black and white vs. colour.
They both have their sides as you can see?




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