maanantai 19. lokakuuta 2015

Down in Africa #3

These last pictures I took mostly in Moremi area. Good luck had followed us during the whole journey but here we were particularly lucky. We saw few really breathtaking and amazing scenes. It was absolutely outstanding to follow leopard tracking impalas. The focus of the big cat, predator, was cold-bloodedly in impalas and nothing disturbed it. An other fortune was an encounter with African wild dogs. That happened in Xakanaxa area at Third Bridge. From Xakanaxa we also made a boat trip to Okavango Delta which is a huge wetland. We experienced a great moment with Red Lechwes which were standing in shallow water. The whole pack was frightened by something and in a blink of an eye were they all on the move. For a few seconds there was chaos among antelopes, maybe they saw a crocodile?

                                                             Warthog, quite an apocalypse

                                                             Lady like eyelashes

                                                                 What a beautiful starling

                                                             Red-billed Oxpecker and Giraffe

                                                                Vervet Monkey

                                                                African Wild Dogs in morning light

                                                               Little Bee-eaters

                                                   Red Lechwes escaping something

                                                             Rufous-bellied Heron

                                                             African Darter

                                                            Great White Egret

                                                                 Last sunset

Goodbye Africa, for now.


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