keskiviikko 13. elokuuta 2014

Summer night at a field

One beautiful, sunny and warm, afternoon I decided quite extempore to go to photograph deers and moose near my house. I took my tent hide, camera and a bottle of water and jumped in to my car. I drove a few kilometres south to an area called Böle. There I turned towards east on a gravel road which ends to the see shore. Before the road ends it passes a wide field area where snakes a brook surrounded by reeds. The bay is very shallow and the reeds grow all over the shore line too. The woods surrounded by these fields and the brook are mostly coniferous/evergreen but there are some verdant areas here and there. These leafy tree zones are mostly unmanaged and past the years heavier and heavier storms have ripped off the oldest trees with their roots or snapped them in the middle. I decided to check one of these areas before I´d choose the place and mount my hide. I turned to a partly overgrown old road and parked my car there. I grabbed my backpack and tripod and took heading to a verdant and dense area. I knew I could find fallen and decomposed trees there. I came across an animal pathway, along which I started sneaking closer to that area. I had only walked a short while when I heard a woodpecker knocking. That wasn´t the very loud noise that you can hear sometimes but much softer and more silent. When I approached the voice I noticed that it was a Black woodpecker working with a bark. What a pleasant surprise! I stayed  quite faraway and took some pictures, the light was a bit bad but I didn´t use my tripod not to frighten the bird away.

That was a good start for my photo shooting evening. The evening was just beginning, it was only 8.30 pm and I had well time to choose the next spot and set up my gears before deers and moose were on the move. Usually they come on open places like fields in twilight. I chose my place so that a hill behind the field and the setting sun shaded nicely the field. I hoped that the shadow and twilight would tempt the animals from forests. Unfortunately my hide was for quite a long time in the hot sunshine before the releasing shadow reached it. As long as the last sun beams warmed up my hide and its surface it was like sitting in a wasp nest.The buzzing was absolutely stunning. It was such a pleasure that all the hide openings were covered with insect nests. All the honeybees and bumblebees were enjoying the heat of the tent hide but luckily outside. While waiting the deers and moose to be photographed I heard some noise caused by breaking branches. I peeked through the back window and there it was, a handsome male moose staring behind me. Very carefully I released my camera from tripod and the insect net from the opening. To loosen the net made terrible noise and the moose noticed it.

I took that picture quickly and left it by it self and paid attention to the activity of the field in front of me. Pretty soon after that it started to happen there. Deers came first from their hides from the woods then the moose. And once again even it didn´t happen nothing special during the night it was so great just to watch. Those fine creatures were so beautiful when they were in the middle of their own bustle without any disturbances.

On my way back home I saw more moose on a field enjoying their dinner. The sun had already set down and the night was almost too dark to photo shoot, but anyway I tried and I think it was worth it.


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